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September 10, 2019

Many Florida homeowners are transitioning to solar electric power in an effort to be less reliant on the power grid and to lower their monthly energy costs. But even if you have solar PV (photovoltaic) panels installed, you may not be completely taking advantage of the benefits of solar power. If you’re completely grid-tied, you’re still at the whim of your utility company—if the power goes out at the neighbor’s house, yours does too.

In the past, Lakeland homeowners have relied on backup generators to keep the lights on during a power outage. Now, there’s another option if you already have a solar power system installed. Today, we’re going to explain the differences between a generator and solar battery storage, and how you can replace your backup generator for good.

What Is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage takes the excess energy your solar PV system produces and stores it for later use. Batteries are usually installed near your electrical panel, like in your garage. Battery storage keeps your home’s appliances and electronics running when your solar panels aren’t producing power, like night time, or during peak demand times to avoid Lakeland Electric’s Solar Demand Pricing. Additionally, when the power grid goes down—like during a hurricane or tropical storm—you’ll be able to keep the lights on with a solar battery system.

Why Is Battery Storage Better Than a Generator?

Backup generators used to be the only option available to homeowners looking to protect themselves against power outages. But there are some distinct disadvantages to generators. First, they run on combustion fuel, which is not environmentally friendly. They can also be noisy, expensive to run (to keep them running, you need to keep buying fuel), and fussy to maintain and keep running properly.

Solar battery storage systems, on the other hand, are quiet, and solar power is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. The additional benefits of solar batteries include:

  • Protection against rising energy prices

  • Independence from power grids

  • Lower carbon footprint

  • Access to backup power during a grid outage

Call SOLENERGY for All Your Solar Power Needs

In addition to being a full-service solar installer for homes and businesses in Lakeland and the rest of Polk County, SOLENERGY also offers “invisible” SOLDEK® solar water heating technology, which can be used both as an indoor water heater and for pool heating. From solar PV systems to battery storage, SOLENERGY technicians are uniquely qualified to bring your home the best in solar power savings.

Don’t get caught in the dark during a power outage. Skip the generator, and call 863-279-3000 or contact us today to learn more about adding battery backup storage to your solar panel system.

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